Geo TAX credits Yes, that’s right, you can deduct 30% of the entire installation costs. You can get a 30% deduction for the entire installation costs. . Geo Thermal units can be looped to heat your pool or a custom fountain in a pond or yard feature. How can you get the TAX credit? Save money with Geo Thermal ground source heat pumps How can you save up to 80% on your energy bill? Following is a link to case studies about Geo Thermal heat pumps in different areas and homes. You can save up to 80% on your energy bill before you get the extra benefit of the 30% TAX credit. Follow the link for more information. Made with MAGIX Geo Thermal heat qualifies for huge tax credit. How does the tax credit work?  Now, you can save even more with tax credits. Save up to 30% off the total cost of installation with a recently implemented federal tax credit. You get to save money every month on your energy bill and significant savings off the cost of installation of a new system. To download a brochure that explains the tax credits and how much you can save on the installation of a new ClimateMaster system, click the tab Made with MAGIX Our family continues to offer professional water services for TN homes and businesses since 1922 Call for your free estimate.